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The Basics of Female Masturbation- Masturbation Tips for Women

masturbation tips for women

The first and probably most important aspect of masturbation is your thoughts and feelings both before and during.

You must be fully relaxed without stress or worry. It is essential to make some time for you and only you.

Find a time of the day when you will not be disturbed. Turn off your television, cell phone and anything else that can distract you. Having children may add to the hassle of making a proper time and place.

The bathroom is a good choice, as you have a lock on the door, shower head, and tend not to be bothered while “showering”.

The other most common place is your bedroom. A lock on the door is necessary to be confident that you will have no unwanted visitors. Candles add to the setting in either room.

Learn What Makes Your Clitoris Feel Good

masturbation tips female

Exploring your own body is essential. If you are very unfamiliar with your body, review our anatomy page and orgasm page. Understanding what makes you feel good and what doesn’t is very important before starting. Some women do not like penetration with their own fingers while others love it. No two women’s anatomies are alike.

Move your labia, see anatomy page, and begin lightly rubbing your clitoris in different motions.

Begin with an up and down motion. Vary the speed your fingers move until you find what works. Understand that the slightest movement change can make the world of difference.

It takes some women years to master the technique. Now, try a circular movement, rubbing your clitoris both clockwise and counterclockwise starting from a variety of origins. Some women like to start this motion an inch or so above the clitoris.

Try one, two, or three fingers.

An easy way to master this motion is to pretend that you are drawing circles on and slightly above and below your clitoris with your forefinger or forefinger and middle finger.

Keep exploring until you find what makes you feel good. Also, at different points of your sexual stimulation, different techniques will have different effects on you. So, don’t give up because it doesn’t feel good right away.

Learn What Else Works

Invest in some lubricant and begin exploring penetration with your finger(s). Once you are moderately aroused using the above stimulation methods, begin slowly inserting your forefinger one and two knuckles deep into your vagina. Slowly thrust your finger in and out simulating intercourse.

Vary the speeds.

Try curling your finger up when you are inside and feel the upper portion of your vaginal wall. With your finger inserted, move your forefinger in a circular motion to feel all 360 degrees of your vagina. Be sure to touch every little crevice and rub it with different strengths and motions.

Try adding a finger or two. Once you think you have an idea of what feels good, begin trying this in different positions such as standing, lying on your stomach, legs around a chair’s back, etc. Be creative. This is your alone time. Nothing is wrong – you control every aspect of this and no one else can know or see you. Do not feel uncomfortable.

Female Masturbaation Techniques and Methods

Manual Stimulation

 Circular Motion:

Place either your forefinger or your forefinger and middle finger on top of you clitoris. Begin moving them in a circular motion over top of the clitoris, possibly extending a bit below or above your clitoris. Using lubrication can increase the intensity of your orgasm and decrease the length of time needed as well.

 Clitoral Kneading:

Gently grab your clitoris between your thumb and forefinger. Knead it back and forth like there is a marble sized piece of dough between your fingers. Vary the speed and strength.


This technique works for few women, but works extremely well for these few. Spread your labia exposing your vagina. Now, gently tap your clitoris and some of the are just under. Again, this feels good for very few women.

 Finger Penetration:

This is a simple ease way to achieve orgasm when doing in addition to the above circular motion method. Using lubricant or first getting aroused with an above method, insert one or two fingers inside your vagina, thrusting in and out. Different speeds and multiple fingers can spur a spontaneous orgasm. Read the sections above for more information.


Using water to your sexual advantage in the shower both alone and with a partner can be a very fulfilling experience. Below are some techniques.

 Faucet Flow:

Most bathtubs will allow for this type of body position. If yours does not, you may want to purchase a showerhead with a rubber hose so that you can aim it wherever you please.

First, turn the running water on in your bathtub gently and to a temperature that is lukewarm. You do not want to scold your genital area! Now, lie on your back with your feet towards the running water. Scoot forward in the bathtub and let your feet slide up the shower wall or in the air. Align your vagina with the falling water. Letting it fall on your clitoral area and your vagina may be enough.

You may want to use any of the above methods in addition to this. You can vary the strength of the flow and the temperature of the water. I can not emphasize enough – do not make drastic changes in the temperature! Scolding in that area is not pleasant!

 Showerhead Massage:

If you have tried all of the above methods including the faucet flow then you this one will probably be self-explanatory. Each showerhead is different. Experiment with different positions, temperatures, and strengths of the water. Some heads even have different massaging options. Aim the water stream wherever it feels good. That’s it. This is a great daily wake up when showering!


Best Vibrator for Orgasm:

Using the best G-Spot vibrators is much more effective in achieving orgasm in most women. Purchasing one with varying speeds is a good idea. Rubbing it all over your body, especially the nipple area, inner thighs, and clitoris are among the most favorite spots.

Many like to use a moderate to fast speed until slightly before climax and then lower the speed to bring the sensual pleasure down. Continue this until you can’t continue “holding” the orgasm. Some women like using a gel-coated, penis shaped vibrator to stimulate the clitoris and use it as a dildo, turning the vibration on and off.


Using a dildo instead of your fingers, or instead of a man for that matter, can be a powerful sexual experience. I would not recommend latex as it is difficult to keep clean. Gel coated dildos are preferable. Infections can easily occur when it is not kept meticulously clean. The technique is similar to that of finger penetration and clitoral stimulation should be used as well. Using some of the water stimulating methods in addition to a dildo is a fun variation.