Best Penis Extender for A Small Penis

While so men may simply be satisfied by the fact that they get good erections and better sexual pleasures in bed with their respective partners, there are those who may just feel so down with what’s happening to them. This is because they seem to lose hope in achieving stronger and bigger erections.

Others may find it very unworthy to give attention to this problem but there is a negative impact of this occurrence in a man’s brain and emotions. With problems like this that arise in bed, it would take a man several times thinking about the problem that might cost him his sanity at times. It will also strike his emotions considering that it may lead to loss of self-esteem.

Well, there is a solution to these problems now. There is a chance to get harder, longer-lasting erections and this can be done by simply looking for products out there that will surely offer help for this particular plight. Science has now reinvented the way you can go on with your bedroom encounters without suffering from dismay or disappointment, either way. Thanks to the now invented penis extenders that will surely be of help.

Penis Extenders Introduced

Penis extenders, when you look at it for the first time, will give you utmost fear of using them. This is because the device has strong wire-like stretchable bands that are used to hold and extend the penis.

The construction of the product alone will somehow make you experiment on making it on your own but mind you, there are some problems when you will do this yourself. The truth is, you simply have to depend on trusted products in the market.

We made our own research to come up with our top 3 choices of the best penis stretchers which you can make use of. There is a list of options out there but we have considered whichever will be safest and most comfortable for your experience. We have considered the price but of course, we also have to associate the cost with its benefits.

Using our own gauge, we came up with the following penis extenders as our top choices:

What is Type 1 Medical Penis Enlargement?

There are many types of penis extenders in the market but since our world is full of scams, no one can be sure of the real and fake. Many are using substandard materials and we are not sure how the apparatus is constructed.

Penis extenders involve traction to be effective wherein it is applied to the penis hoping that it would lengthen the penis. But once the apparatus is not guaranteed to be safe or not even tested, you cannot rely on it in enlarging the penis.

Well to ensure that the apparatus works well, you must check its components, the extent of technology associated with its application and the most important one is to check the materials used with the device.

To be sure that the penis extender is effective, it should meet and pass the requirements based on the European regulations in which an extender comply with consumer safety concerns and followed health and environmental regulations.Type 1 Medical Penis Enlargement

CE Certification

CE Certification is defined as European conformity or Conformite Europeenne in French. A penis extender having the label CE is referred to as type 1 medical device. This means that the extender you have chosen is a high-quality device which is proven safe medically endorsed and is capable of satisfying consumer according to their expectation.

Global Recognition

A product with CE mark is recognized globally. They look by America and other countries of the world for its high requirements and renowned publications. This means that this certain extender with CE mark is being used all over the world proving its effectiveness and safety.

Be Aware of Imitators

Products coming from China also carry the CE mark but instead, it stands for “China Export”. These products, however, do not hold the value of the European conformity although both marks have similarities thus confusing consumers in identifying the real European CE mark. Sometimes the fake CE mark is even promoted by some companies which mean that they cannot clearly identify the Chinese from European origins. They should, therefore, indicate type 1 medical device to the original one.

Penis Extenders that are Classified as Type 1 Medical Penis Enlargement Systems

A CE certified device is one that is comfortable and easy to manage. There are some which do not have the proper equipment to ensure that each man is satisfied in wearing the device but of course, there’s always an exemption. Penis extenders that use comfort straps can be more effective in assisting men in enlarging their penis size more comfortably. These ones are classified under Type 1 Medical Penis Enlargement.

The top two most effective penis extenders are SizeGenetics and X4 Labs. Both provide comfort straps that can be worn in several ways in accordance with supporting the penis in the most comfortable way.

Although the key to success in penis enlargement is having the right information and finding a reliable source you should not forget to check for the CE mark if you’re going to avail penile traction. This is the best license you will have to get the best device.

# 1 SizeGenetics ratingRating: 5 / 5

best penis extender for a small penis

SizeGenetics has its comfort technology that assures that your entire experience with a penis extender will be worth every penny you invest.

Imagine how this comfort brings you to the climax of your sexual encounters without you having to worry about pain at all.

There is a padded rubber comfort strap in SizeGenetics thus making it deliver the results you want without having to bother about discomfort all the time. This support system will never cut off the blood supply that flows to your penis. Other penis extenders out there might just disgust you with your first-time experience of using these products but it is not a problem at all with SizeGenetics.

best penis extender for a small penis

It also has silicone noose and latex grips that make the penis extender even more comfortable to the wearer.

The trouble with some penis extenders in the market is that they end up getting your money without you even experiencing the best thing that is supposedly offered by the product. This is not a problem at all with SizeGenetics’ Comfort Technology.

All in all, SizeGenetics provides steady and constant traction to the penis. All you have to do is follow instructions as to how to place the device.

SizeGenetics is available at a price of only $199.95 for its starter package.

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# 2 ProExtenderrating

quick extender pro review

Next to SizeGenetics, we also have considered ProExtender as a great addition to your penis extender choices. The ProExtender System is a medical miracle, simply because it also delivers its promises. It has been used by urologists and plastic surgeons and experts have recommended this to their patients.

Painless traction – this is what you get when you use the ProExtender System in order to enlarge your penis. It has a fully adjustable apparatus that allows and fits your penis at your own comfort. It underwent a study which vouches for its safety and efficacy to users. It may have made use of an ancient principle but that very same principle was merged with modern approach to adapt to the men of today.

The entire ProExtender System includes: (1) the penis enlargement device, the one you have to put over your penis; (2) VigRx penis enhancement pills to support the function of the penis enlargement device; Semenax volume increaser pills for more seminal flow; and (4) a penis enlargement exercise DVD to help you on your way to sexual satisfaction.

The Original ProExtender costs more expensive than SizeGenetics at $299.95 per pack of the device.

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# 3 JesExtender 

jes extender Ratings

The JesExtender is a simple device which can be worn all day under your clothes and also at night when sleeping. The Jes Extender does not require regular visit with your doctor and something you can have and let you avoid painful surgery which are quite costly. It does not even need a prescription from the doctor.

As they say, just a couple of weeks of wearing Jes Extender can provide you with outstanding results. They say that the average increase in length is 3 inches however, the result increases as you wear the device. The Jes extender does not only increase the penis size but it also makes it thicker. With it you will gain more confidence by having a larger penis and may increase your sexual activity with your partner as you have more confidence now in the bedroom.

The JesExtender has the ability to stretch the penis in size without the use of pills or pumps. It simply applies a consistent pressure to the penis with the use of the natural stretching muscles enclosed in the penis. Once the skin cells are stretched and are divided, there are new tissues that are formed. This procedure has often used by tribes in stretching their skin and this is how elongated necks and spoon sized lips are formed among tribal members.

Get this product for a price of only $190.65.

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Best Penis Extender for Permanent Gains

Many men end up so conscious about their penis size. They tend to focus more on how these organs may help satisfy their respective partners. There is work to do and you might just want to start doing your own job now.

First, you can ask a woman if penis size is really that important and she will surely say yes, size is important and thickness too.

So many products are available out there which claims for overnight results but they never provide anything. If you consider penis enlargement, it is very necessary to know that the penis is a muscle and it takes some time for it to change its size.

There are several devices which can be used to make it bigger and thicker as well as stronger. Here are 3 most effective penis enlargement devices which are known to be effective, safe and provide permanent results as well.Permanent Penis Enlargement

Product #1: The X4 Labs Penis Extender

The X4 Labs Penis Extender is considered the most comfortable penis enlargement devices that are out in the market. Doctors all over the world recommend and endorse the X4 labs extender. The main reason is that it provides 100% permanent results effectively and safely. It does not only increases the length and girth of the penis but also boosts male confidence, improves sexual stamina and performance and corrects penile curvatures as well as bent penis.

Product #2: The Fastsize Extender

The principle of traction is being used in the Fastsize penis extender which helps the body change when subjected to physical influence. Once the penis is exposed to consistent stretching, the cells tissue are divided and multiply thus increases the tissue mass. Both regeneration and duplication of cells can contribute to the measurements of the penis thus increasing its size. The Fastsize extender has been clinically proven and has been tested for effectiveness.

Product #3: The SizeGenetics System

Another device which is known to cause permanent penis enlargement is the SizeGenetics System. These penis extenders are also clinically proven and being endorsed by world-famous doctors. They are comfortable to use and provide a permanent increase in both length and girth of the penis. This device comes with a comfort mechanism allowing males to wear it comfortably for up to 8 hours a day. The results depend solely on the duration of usage.


The above-mentioned devices are the top 3 recommended devices you must consider when looking for permanent penis enlargement. You can use any of them to add inches to your penis and at the same time provide you enough pleasure in bed with your partner. Never risk your penis with cheap extenders which are ineffective and unreliable. Choose medically proven devices for more satisfaction that you and your partner have been wishing for long.

When you have considered the best permanent penis enlargement systems in the market, there is no reason to worry about. Of course, we would want to remind you to get one that is genuine and not those that carry the name but are not actually the real products from the brand.

How to Stay Safe When Using a Penis Extender

To have a small penis is annoying. Not having that perfect penis size can spoil your nightlife. Women like a bigger penis as the muscular penis can turn them on. Is there a possibility to increase penis size? Yes, there is! The use of penis enlargement device can increase the penis size in just a period of time and be sure to follow the instructions carefully.

About Penis Enlargement Medical Device

Doctors highly recommend a penis enlargement medical device since this is clinically proven as a safe alternative method to penis enlargement surgery. Besides being safe, penis device is also the cheapest way of penis enlargement.Safest Medical Penis Enlargement

Things to Consider When Buying a Penis Device

Many enlargement devices are available online so try to be careful of choosing the tight one. First, you have to check if the device is clinically proven and if it has a comfortable rubber strap. The strap is the one that make sit comfortable to use and be effective.

How Do Penis Extenders Work?

Penis extenders work using the stretching mechanism or penis traction. It makes use of a traction device or a stretcher so as to exert constant and uniform traction on the penis which will cause the penis increase in both length and girth.

Additionally, the penis must be worn in a certain period of time to achieve the desired length and girth increases.

Are Penis Extenders Safe?

Penis extenders are in the business for over 15 years. Besides being non-invasive, they also utilize natural and scientifically proven methods of traction and urologists worldwide have certified this device as safe. Such safety is being supported by the following:

  • Scientifically Proven

The International Journal of Impotence research (IJIR) conducted a study in 2002 about the effectiveness and safety of penis extenders as a way of penis enlargement. The result revealed that penis extenders are effective for penis enlargement as long as they are worn by a specific time.

  • Cellular/Microscopic Effects

Many men are afraid if their penises may experienced some “tearing” but luckily there is no found situation like this. Extenders brought their effects on penis enlargement by working at the cellular level which means that it’s the penis cells that are torn and not the penis itself. Tearing is not visible with the eyes, it can only be seen microscopically and it does not cause any pain.

  • Gradual Process

This process is what makes an extender safe and effective as they mimic the natural process of mitosis known as cellular division. The cells of the penis undergo a rapid but gradual division in order to fill up the spaces cause by tearing. This will result then to the enlargement of the penis. This process is supported by the researchers of the University of Turin in 2009 which is published in British Journal of Urology. This method causes a gradual increase in penis size which is 30-40% of its original size. Erection quality is also improved as well as an increase in confidence.

  • Medical Grade Devices

Every country has its own standards for evaluating the safety of medical devices as well as international standards which each device must meet before they are approved for public use.

How to Stay Safe with Penis Extenders

Follow manufacturer’s instructions; read professional reviews; check out customer testimonials; ascertain company’s reputation…these are the ways to stay safe with penis extenders.


Erectile Dysfunction: Trusted and timely health information for men

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the medical term given when a man cannot sustain an erection long enough to have sex, or when it is impossible to have an erection at all.

In some cases, a man can have an erection, but then lose it during intercourse. Also called male impotence, it affects over 15 million men in the United States.

Frequent cases of erectile dysfunction can cause emotional and relationship problems, and even cause self-esteem problems for some men. By the time they reach their 40’s, many men may have already experienced an occasional incident of erectile dysfunction but in most cases, it is a temporary condition. If symptoms continue then medical treatment should be considered. Your physician can help determine the erectile dysfunction treatment that is just right for you. including but not limited to the use of the best penis pumps for ED.

What are the Causes of Erectile Dysfunction?

During an erection, the penis becomes engorged with blood as blood vessels enlarge or dilate and allow an increased flow. Erectile dysfunction may occur due to a variety of medical conditions, including damage to the nerves, arteries, muscles, and tissue.

In order for an erection to take place, a series of precise events occur, which include nerve impulses in the brain, spinal column, and area around the penis. When those nerve impulses are received, the muscles, fibrous tissues, veins and arteries respond, which result in an erection.

However, if there is a disruption in any of those signals, it can result in erectile dysfunction instead of an erection.

Often times a disease may be the cause of erectile dysfunction. Diseases, such as diabetes, kidney disease, chronic alcoholism, multiple sclerosis, atherosclerosis, vascular disease, and neurologic disease, account for about 70 percent of ED cases.

Another possible cause of erectile dysfunction may be recent surgery, especially radical prostate and bladder surgery for cancer.

Sometimes the surgery can injure nerves and arteries near the penis, causing erectile dysfunction. Injury to the penis, spinal cord, prostate, bladder, and pelvis can lead to ED by harming nerves, smooth muscles, arteries, and fibrous tissues of the area around the penis.

There are also a number of prescription drugs that affect some nerve centers, resulting in erectile dysfunction.

Many common blood pressure drugs, antihistamines, antidepressants, tranquilizers, and other medications can produce ED in a man. Medical experts also have discovered that psychological factors, including stress, anxiety, guilt, depression, low self-esteem and fear of sexual failure can cause erectile dysfunction.

Other possible causes are smoking, which affects blood flow in veins and arteries, and hormonal abnormalities, such as not enough testosterone.

What are the symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction?

The symptoms of erectile dysfunction occur when a man cannot achieve an erection, or he has difficulty sustaining an erection long enough to reach orgasm during sex.

If erectile dysfunction occurs only occasionally, it is considered normal. However, if a man is experiencing frequent problems related to ED, then he should consult with a physician.

How is Erectile Dysfunction diagnosed or evaluated?

Patient History

If your physician suspects that you may be suffering from erectile dysfunction, they will review your medical and sexual history. In many cases, your medical history will reveal a few clues as to the cause of your Tens Unit for ED. Learning about a patient’s sexual history and practices will also assist the physician. There may be problems associated with the patient’s sexual desires, ability to maintain an erection, ejaculation or orgasm.

Reviewing any drugs that have been prescribed for other medical conditions may also suggest a cause of erectile dysfunction. Drug interference with a man’s ability to have an erection accounts for one-fourth of all ED related cases.

Your physician will be able to determine if substituting certain prescription medications will solve the problem.

Physical Examination

When your physician performs a physical examination, they may discover the cause of your erectile dysfunction. In some cases, a man’s penis may not respond to touching, which may indicate a problem in the nervous system. In other cases, abnormal secondary sex characteristics, such as hair pattern or breast enlargement, can point to hormonal problems. If that is the case, that would indicate that the endocrine system is involved.

Your physician will also check for any circulatory problems by observing decreased pulses in the wrist or ankles. Sometimes, however, the clue to your erectile dysfunction lies in the penis itself. If your penis bends or has a slight curve, the erectile dysfunction could be the result of Peyronie’s disease.

Laboratory Tests

Your physician may also order several laboratory tests to help confirm the diagnosis of erectile dysfunction. Tests for systemic diseases include blood counts, urinalysis, lipid profile, and measurements of creatinine and liver enzymes. They may also perform a test that will measure the amount of free testosterone in your blood, which will reveal information about possible problems with the endocrine system, especially in patients who are experiencing a reduced sexual desire.

Other Tests

Healthy men normally have several involuntary erections each night while they are sleeping. Your physician will perform a routine test to determine if you are having those involuntary erections at night. If you are, that would indicate the problem may be more psychological than physical. It should be pointed out, however, that no test is infallible, and your physician will work with you to determine the cause of your erectile dysfunction.

Psychosocial Examination

To determine if your erectile dysfunction problem may be psychological, your physician may perform a psychosocial exam. This exam, which uses an interview and a questionnaire, reveals certain psychological factors to help uncover the reason for the ED. The man’s sexual partner may also be interviewed, to help determine sexual expectations and perceptions during intercourse.

What are the treatments and drugs to treat Erectile Dysfunction?

Many physicians will seek treatments that run from the least invasive to the most invasive. In many cases, if the patient is on medication for high blood pressure, they will check to see if there are any side effects that may be the cause of the erectile dysfunction.

Sometimes a patient will know of a medication they are taking that is causing problems with erections, and they will share that information with their physician. Psychotherapy and behavior modifications in selected patients are considered next if indicated, followed by oral or locally injected drugs, vacuum devices, and surgically implanted devices. In rare cases, surgery involving veins or arteries may be considered.

In March 1998, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Viagra to treat ED, the first pill in a new drug class, phosphodiesterase inhibitors. In August 2003, the FDA gave approval to a second oral medicine, vardenafil hydrochloride (Levitra). Additional oral medicines have since been approved (Cialis, tadalafil) and more are being tested for safety and effectiveness.

Taken an hour before sexual activity, phosphodiesterase inhibitors such as Viagra and Levitra work by enhancing the effects of nitric oxide, a chemical that relaxes smooth muscles in the penis during sexual stimulation and allows increased blood flow.

The Basics of Female Masturbation- Masturbation Tips for Women

masturbation tips for women

The first and probably most important aspect of masturbation is your thoughts and feelings both before and during.

You must be fully relaxed without stress or worry. It is essential to make some time for you and only you.

Find a time of the day when you will not be disturbed. Turn off your television, cell phone and anything else that can distract you. Having children may add to the hassle of making a proper time and place.

The bathroom is a good choice, as you have a lock on the door, shower head, and tend not to be bothered while “showering”.

The other most common place is your bedroom. A lock on the door is necessary to be confident that you will have no unwanted visitors. Candles add to the setting in either room.

Learn What Makes Your Clitoris Feel Good

masturbation tips female

Exploring your own body is essential. If you are very unfamiliar with your body, review our anatomy page and orgasm page. Understanding what makes you feel good and what doesn’t is very important before starting. Some women do not like penetration with their own fingers while others love it. No two women’s anatomies are alike.

Move your labia, see anatomy page, and begin lightly rubbing your clitoris in different motions.

Begin with an up and down motion. Vary the speed your fingers move until you find what works. Understand that the slightest movement change can make the world of difference.

It takes some women years to master the technique. Now, try a circular movement, rubbing your clitoris both clockwise and counterclockwise starting from a variety of origins. Some women like to start this motion an inch or so above the clitoris.

Try one, two, or three fingers.

An easy way to master this motion is to pretend that you are drawing circles on and slightly above and below your clitoris with your forefinger or forefinger and middle finger.

Keep exploring until you find what makes you feel good. Also, at different points of your sexual stimulation, different techniques will have different effects on you. So, don’t give up because it doesn’t feel good right away.

Learn What Else Works

Invest in some lubricant and begin exploring penetration with your finger(s). Once you are moderately aroused using the above stimulation methods, begin slowly inserting your forefinger one and two knuckles deep into your vagina. Slowly thrust your finger in and out simulating intercourse.

Vary the speeds.

Try curling your finger up when you are inside and feel the upper portion of your vaginal wall. With your finger inserted, move your forefinger in a circular motion to feel all 360 degrees of your vagina. Be sure to touch every little crevice and rub it with different strengths and motions.

Try adding a finger or two. Once you think you have an idea of what feels good, begin trying this in different positions such as standing, lying on your stomach, legs around a chair’s back, etc. Be creative. This is your alone time. Nothing is wrong – you control every aspect of this and no one else can know or see you. Do not feel uncomfortable.

Female Masturbaation Techniques and Methods

Manual Stimulation

 Circular Motion:

Place either your forefinger or your forefinger and middle finger on top of you clitoris. Begin moving them in a circular motion over top of the clitoris, possibly extending a bit below or above your clitoris. Using lubrication can increase the intensity of your orgasm and decrease the length of time needed as well.

 Clitoral Kneading:

Gently grab your clitoris between your thumb and forefinger. Knead it back and forth like there is a marble sized piece of dough between your fingers. Vary the speed and strength.


This technique works for few women, but works extremely well for these few. Spread your labia exposing your vagina. Now, gently tap your clitoris and some of the are just under. Again, this feels good for very few women.

 Finger Penetration:

This is a simple ease way to achieve orgasm when doing in addition to the above circular motion method. Using lubricant or first getting aroused with an above method, insert one or two fingers inside your vagina, thrusting in and out. Different speeds and multiple fingers can spur a spontaneous orgasm. Read the sections above for more information.


Using water to your sexual advantage in the shower both alone and with a partner can be a very fulfilling experience. Below are some techniques.

 Faucet Flow:

Most bathtubs will allow for this type of body position. If yours does not, you may want to purchase a showerhead with a rubber hose so that you can aim it wherever you please.

First, turn the running water on in your bathtub gently and to a temperature that is lukewarm. You do not want to scold your genital area! Now, lie on your back with your feet towards the running water. Scoot forward in the bathtub and let your feet slide up the shower wall or in the air. Align your vagina with the falling water. Letting it fall on your clitoral area and your vagina may be enough.

You may want to use any of the above methods in addition to this. You can vary the strength of the flow and the temperature of the water. I can not emphasize enough – do not make drastic changes in the temperature! Scolding in that area is not pleasant!

 Showerhead Massage:

If you have tried all of the above methods including the faucet flow then you this one will probably be self-explanatory. Each showerhead is different. Experiment with different positions, temperatures, and strengths of the water. Some heads even have different massaging options. Aim the water stream wherever it feels good. That’s it. This is a great daily wake up when showering!


Best Vibrator for Orgasm:

Using the best G-Spot vibrators is much more effective in achieving orgasm in most women. Purchasing one with varying speeds is a good idea. Rubbing it all over your body, especially the nipple area, inner thighs, and clitoris are among the most favorite spots.

Many like to use a moderate to fast speed until slightly before climax and then lower the speed to bring the sensual pleasure down. Continue this until you can’t continue “holding” the orgasm. Some women like using a gel-coated, penis shaped vibrator to stimulate the clitoris and use it as a dildo, turning the vibration on and off.


Using a dildo instead of your fingers, or instead of a man for that matter, can be a powerful sexual experience. I would not recommend latex as it is difficult to keep clean. Gel coated dildos are preferable. Infections can easily occur when it is not kept meticulously clean. The technique is similar to that of finger penetration and clitoral stimulation should be used as well. Using some of the water stimulating methods in addition to a dildo is a fun variation.